7 Food Hacks for College

Off to school, now who will cook for you?

College brings freedom. Freedom to choose your classes (preferably after 11AM). Freedom to make new friends. Freedom to eat whatever you want. But that shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste and flavor. Give it a chance and try these fun dorm meal shortcuts.


1) Craving something sweet? This banana split will do the trick – and it’s healthy!


2) Grilled Cheese – with an iron. Who needs an oven or toaster?


3) Mason Jar Salads – everyone loves them and they are so easy to make.


4) Heading to the cafeteria but tired of the food? Make pizza bagels with bagels, pasta sauce, cheese and a microwave. High five to changing it up!


5) Want another cafeteria hack? Head over to the waffle maker and grab some chicken fingers on the way there. Enjoy some delicious southern fare in no time!


6) Make French Toast – in a mug. Delicious and fast!


7) Sometimes you just need chocolate. Check out these Nutella babies.