A ‘Belly’ Full of Rewards

Roho Kitchen is now offering a customer loyalty program! We love our customers, especially the repeat customers we quickly come to know and appreciate on a personal level. You already leave our cooking classes fully satiated with the skills to recreate your delicious dish at home – now you can reap the benefits of attending multiple classes!

Naturally, we’re utilizing the latest technology to keep track of our devout homemade chefs – Belly Card is a fun, easy way to keep track of your visits to Roho Kitchen. Using your Belly card or mobile app, you can partake in this entertainingly easy way to log your visits with us for special rewards. Earn five points for every cooking class, accrued points will earn you a Belly full of rewards and goodies!

10 Points: Roho Kitchen Sticker

Roho Kitchen Loyalty Program25 Points: Slice & Bake Cookie Dough

50 Points: Free Cooking Class

75 Points: Cream Pie the Chef!

100 Points: Cooking Class Inspired by You – have a one-on-one consultation with Chef Jorge, who will create an inspired menu based on you and your unique preferences for an upcoming cooking class! You’ll be the star of an upcoming class and we’ll make sure everyone knows it by including a special “inspired by [insert name of popular, successful & attractive homemade chef here]” on the event details.

Get cooking with us today and enjoy the personalized benefits BellyCard & Roho Kitchen have to offer!

Let Flop, the Belly dog, show you how it works: