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Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant Consulting

It goes without saying that opening a new restaurant can be a risky undertaking. From restaurant rescue shows to that ubiquitous storefront that’s the site of a new eatery every other month, we know the realities and challenges restaurant entrepreneurs face. With combined industry experience of over 25 years, Chef Jorge Montes & Vanessa Montes can help you turn your fantasy into a deliciously successful reality using proven practices that have worked not only for us, but for thousands of flourishing restaurants all over the world as well.


Menu Development: Your menu and concept should blend in a seamless, harmonious way. We can help develop and evolve your menu to best reflect your vision and create a cohesive culinary offering to your customers.

Concept Development: Restaurants are about so much more than food. People dine out not only for a great meal, but also for a memorable ambiance and experience that will guarantee a return visit. We will apply our extensive knowledge & experience to the development of your concept, ensuring it best represents your personal style and food.

Branding & Marketing: No matter how flawless the food or how unique the concept, if you aren’t familiar with the proper channels to tell people about it, it’s all for naught. Our team possesses a deep knowledge of the industry, and can transform your brand into a recognized symbol of quality food & service.

Startups: Regardless of the business, all startups come with risk, hurdles and hiccups along the way. Having personally experienced these ups and downs, we’ve come up with a streamlined method for avoiding the common pitfalls often associated with brand new companies.

Business Plans: A business plan is the blueprint for the overall operation of your restaurant – from the menu(s) to the projected profit margin. This essential plan will serve as your guide throughout the life of your business.

Cost Analysis: Too many restaurant owners overlook this necessity, often leading to the ultimate demise of the business. We will work with you to create a workable budget that will maximize the potential of your venture and keep your finances in check.

Maximizing Profits: Owning and running a restaurant isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Exercise your passion with the comfort of knowing you have a smart, solid plan in place for maximizing the financial potential of your business.

We offer restaurant consulting in Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County, as well as Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Call us at (954) 200-2895 today to learn more!

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