Chef George Catering Announces Rebranding, Expansion of Services

As Chef George Catering moves into its fifth year, owners Jorge and Vanessa Montes celebrate by rebranding from Chef George Catering to Roho Kitchen. The Spanish word “rojo” (pronounced “roho”) means red, a color that has represented the passion, spice, flavor, heat, energy and love that has gone into their cooking throughout their lives.

The rebranding also reflects an expansion of services to include wine dinners, private and public cooking classes and healthy meal delivery in addition to the existing catering services. Roho Kitchen will also leverage technology to expand their reach via blogs, vlogs and social media to share their culinary inspiration with the world.

In order to make the additional services and online marketing possible, Roho Kitchen has added new team members in addition to the founding team – Chef Jorge Montes, Executive Chef; Vanessa Montes, President, Operations & Marketing; and Ana Maria Serra, Office Manager. New team members include Maria Perilli, Marketing Director & Food/Technology blogger, and Pedro Ramos, Network Director, Sommelier & Mixology blogger.

Roho Kitchen is also planning a pop-up restaurant, a food-inspired apparel line and an online store for food products (sauces, cookie dough etc.) in the near future. To keep up on the latest news, like the Roho Kitchen Facebook page or follow Roho Kitchen on Twitter.

For more information about Roho Kitchen, new services and to schedule cooking classes, call (954) 200-2895.

About Roho Kitchen
Headed by Chef Jorge Montes, Roho Kitchen is a family-owned business by siblings Jorge and Vanessa Montes. Chef Jorge Montes, or, Chef “Sazon,” is a highly decorated chef with 15 years of culinary experience, and has worked alongside famed chefs, including Todd English, Sam Hazen, Soren Bredhal and more. Chef Jorge Montes graduated at the top of his class and earned two state championships, five gold medals and a national ranking as captain of the Culinary Competition Team during his tenure at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Roho Kitchen is located in Fort Lauderdale, and offers catering services in Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. A well-known name in South Florida, Roho Kitchen is a highly acclaimed catering company that consistently receives rave reviews from everyday Homemade Chefs attendees as well as some of the most renowned chefs and culinary publications.