Homemade Chefs

Homemade Chefs Cooking Meetup

What is a Homemade Chef? They’re Food Network addicts with aspirations to be the next Giada or Bobby Flay. They’ve spent some time in the kitchen trying their hand at preparing meals from scratch. They’ve read cookbooks and attempted to follow each step in the recipe to a T. Perhaps you are the type of Homemade Chef who’s made one too many charred grilled cheeses or ruined an overly ambitious homemade apple pie (those lattice top crusts are a doozy). Worry not! Roho Kitchen is here to help.

Our hands-on cooking classes are interactive, social and instructional. Come meet other foodies like you who share your desire to learn how to cook and be confident in the kitchen! All skill levels are welcome. We prepare all courses and cuisine from around the world, including French, Thai, Peruvian, Indian, Japanese, Italian and much more.

Classes range from $35 to $55 per person. Price includes anywhere from 4 to 8 menu items and a cordial/beverage. Parking is free and you will be given a doggie bag to bring the tasty fruits of your labor home with you to enjoy again later. You’ll also be given access to downloadable recipes from not only your class, but from ALL classes.

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