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Team Building Cooking Classes

Team Building Cooking Classes

Trust falls and two-legged races not doing the trick anymore? Bring your team together with a one of a kind experience guaranteed to unite your employees over a common goal – to create a meal that looks as good as it tastes. Team building doesn’t have to mean gimmicky extreme sports challenges and scavenger hunts. If your goal is to foster trust, cooperation and ultimately greater productivity, schedule a team building cooking class at Roho Kitchen. With Chef Jorge Montes as your guide, each member of your team will be taught the skills necessary to complete their part of the dish.

Since food and cooking play a significant part in all of our lives, bringing your team together in a kitchen is a great way to encourage personal bonding. Each team member will use their individual kitchen skills (or lack thereof) to contribute an essential component of a meal they will share together. Where one team member may be strong, another may be weak. We encourage your employees to help one another where they can, and to ask for help from one another when needed. They’ll learn from each other, experience the joy of cooking and pick up some invaluable cooking tips and techniques they can all take home with them.

We offer team building cooking classes in our Fort Lauderdale location, or you may schedule a private class off-site. Call us to schedule your cooking class today at (954) 200-2895 and reap the benefits of a happier, more cohesive team tomorrow!

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