Chefs United for Peru

State of Emergency in Peru
An abnormal behavior in the coastal waters off Peru has unleashed one of the deadliest downpours in 20 years. The El Niño phenomenon has created raging landslides and rivers sweeping away people, homes, destroying highways and crops. At least 75 people have died (as of 3/21/17) and leaving more than 70,000 homeless. Sadly, Peru is bracing itself for another month of flooding.

‘Cocineros Unidos Por EL Peru’ Movement
Chef Jose Luis Chavez from Mission Ceviche in New York City has created a movement for chefs and cooks around the globe to unite and raise funds for the people in need in Peru.

More than 50 restaurants are participating in this movement #CocinerosUnidosPorElPeru with a video call to action to donate sales generated on Wednesday, March 22 from 6-8pm. (Note: Not all restaurants are listed yet as we are still counting roll and helping locate them all in the social webs :)


You can help contribute
As fellow Peruvians, this hits home and we encourage your participation. Simply visit a restaurant below for happy hour or dinner on March 22 between 6-8pm! Roho Kitchen will be donating sales from our Homemade Chefs cooking class this Friday as well. Chef Jorge & Vanessa #FuerzaPeru



– Divino Ceviche / Coral Gables / Chef Christian Encalada Alvan
– Machupicchu / Miami / Chef Victor Vergamino
– Señor Ceviche / Miami / Chef Alfonso Jordan
– El Pollo Inca / Miami / Chef Daniel Céspedes
– La Mar / Miami / Chef Diego Oka
– Cevichela / Siesta Key / Chef Darwin Santa Maria
– Mercado 31 / Miami / Chef Fabricio Pareja
– Runnas / Hollywood / Chef Gerardo Landas
– Pikeos 954 / Fort Lauderdale / Chef Renzo Mortero
– Bocas House / Miami / Chef Cesar Gonzales


– Mission Ceviche / New York City / Chef Jose Luis Chavez
– Surfish Bistro / Brooklyn / Chef Miguel Aguilar
– Pollo D Oro / Brooklyn / Chef Manuel Santisteban
– Coco Roco / Brooklyn / Chef Fernando Tisoc
– Jora Restaurant / Long Island City / Chef Alex Rojas
– Urubamba / Queens / Chef Carlos Astorga
– Warique Restaurant / Queens / Chef Jimmy Lozano
– Incas Grill Peruvian Kitchen / Staten Island / Chef Cesar Gutierrez
– Panca / New York City / Chef Ezequiel Valencia
– Panka Peruvian / Westchester / Chef Fabian Marquez
Delicias Del Jireh/Peruvian Kitchen / White Plains


– La Mar Cebicheria Peruana / San Francisco / Chef Victoriano Lopez
– El Pollo Inka / Los Angeles
– Pablito’s Kitchen / Los Angeles / Chef Don Pablito
– Lola’s Peruvian Restaurant / Glendale, CA / Chef Sandra Loli


– Ceviche 181 / New Haven, CT / Christian Bonilla
El Balconcito I & II / Philadelphia, PA
– Tanta / Chicago / Chef Jesus Delgado
– Cevichef Guate / Guatemala / Chef Jefferson Lopez
– Picada / Chef Abel Ortiz


Photo Credits: Business Insider