Election Day 2012: VOTE Today & Don’t Forget Your Turkey!

Election Day!

We live in the most amazing country where we have the freedom to express ourselves and the chance to vote!

As we all know…EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS. So take a break today and practice your right!

With the election hogging our TV and Social Media channels, you might have forgotten that Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away.

LET US REMIND YOU…Don’t forget your Turkey this season!

Here’s our Thanksgiving Menu for 2012! Lunch and Dinner menu options for all those having corporate parties or just don’t want to cook this Thanksgiving. Let your friendly neighborhood chef (Chef Sazon) cook for you!

For the month of November we are offering a 10% OFF on ALL Orders and Cooking Classes!

Click Here to view Thanksgiving Menu 2012

Happy Holidays!