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Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes

Cooking and eating are some of the most social activities in existence. Think about it – How many events have you been to where food and cocktails weren’t an expected party staple? We’re guessing not very many. That’s why we’re offering private cooking classes as well as cooking classes for businesses. Our classes can be reserved either on or off site, and are the perfect choice when you’re looking for a unique way to entertain. Private cooking classes can be booked for any occasion. Here are some great suggestions:

• Corporate Team Building
• Bachelorette Parties
• Bridal Showers
• Birthdays
• Cooking Parties at Home
• Private Groups/Custom Themes
• Just for the fun of it!

Hone your cooking skills with family, friends or coworkers and become homemade iron chefs with the chops to take on grandma! All skill levels are welcome. We prepare all courses and cuisine from around the world, including French, Thai, Peruvian, Indian, Japanese, Italian and much more. Register for our (public or private) Wine & Food Pairing class and learn how to identify, taste and pair the perfect wine with any dish.

No matter the event, Roho Kitchen will make it unforgettable. With Chef Jorge Montes’ expert guidance and fun-loving personality, your guests are guaranteed to look at cooking in a whole new way. Classes range from $55 to $75 per person. For more information and to schedule your private cooking class or a cooking class for businesses, call us today at (954) 200-2895.

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