Roho Fit Meals

Cooking isn’t a universally shared passion – particularly with the countless daily demands of today’s modern lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight or simply don’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals, Roho Fit meals are the perfect solution for you. Let master Chef Jorge Montes cook healthy meals for you that are as wholesome as they are delicious. Roho Kitchen is now offering fresh, healthy meal delivery in South Florida.

Diet Meals - Free Tasting

Fit Camp: Workout + Lunch

The 2-hour camp sessions are held on Saturdays, location and times will vary monthly. Attendees will workout during the first hour, then will be served a Roho Fit Meal prepared by Executive Chef Jorge Montes.

Next Fit Camp: July 20th @ 10am

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·      3 fresh gourmet meals & 1 snack prepared by Chef Jorge Montes
·      Comprised of lean proteins, legumes, complex carbohydrates & vegetables
·      High-fiber leafy greens with essential vitamins & minerals
·      Low-carb
·      Sugar-free
·      Dairy-free


·      Freedom from calorie counting & dieting
·      More energy to help fuel your busy lifestyle
·      Daily meals that are delicious and wholesome
·      Ability to lose up to 20 pounds in one month if followed correctly, works for both men and women

·      Healthy meal delivery in Broward and Dade County
·      Roho Fit meals are delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at either 8:00 am or 6:00 pm


Packages Daily Price Total Price Total Savings
Daily $55 $55
6-Day $50 $300 $30
12-Day $45 $540 $120
24-Day $40 $960 $360

The Roho Fit healthy meal delivery plan is simple – Just select your package and delivery times and start losing weight today! If you have a list of foods you dislike or are allergic to, let us know and we’ll be sure to never include them in your meals.

·      For maximum results, avoid dairy, sugar, carbs, fruit & alcohol on days that you are eating Roho Fit meals
·      Drink water, tea or coffee without sweeteners
·      One cheat day a week is recommended, enjoy any foods you want on the day of your choosing

·      Paleo Diet
·      Slow-Carb Diet
·      Bulletproof Diet
·      South Beach Diet