The Dog Days of Summer: Grilling Tips

The sultry hot days of summer are almost over, the kids are back to school and your vacation…well, its done. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the remaining days of the season cooling off and grilling. Grilling is one of the most primitive forms of cooking, and man has spent ages perfecting the art of flame manipulation to create a range of tasty meals.

Use these simple tips next time you’re manning the open flame for more flavorful BBQ fare:


Step away from the steak! At least until you have all the tools and ingredients you need. Before you light that fire, create a checklist of the tools you’ll need (spatulas, tongs, towels, water, oil brush, grill brush, serving platters etc.). You’ll also want to make sure your marinated meats are nearby. Subscribe to the “If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail,” mantra with any form of cooking and avoid the rookie mistake of abandoning a hot grill while you scramble to find the things you need.


No matter what you’re grilling, marinating is a must. Choose fresh herbs, garlic, citrus, spices and oils to get the most flavor from your food. If steak is on the menu and you’re nervous about compromising a great cut with an untested marinade, it’s ok to leave it as-is. However, I do encourage you to take that filet out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before you throw it on the Foreman; this brings the meat to room temperature and helps ensure it will cook faster and more evenly.


If you want succulent steaks, juicy chicken and flavorful veggies, you need to know how to use temperature to your advantage for each item. Find the “hot zones” on your grill and reserve them for the foods that require high heat or searing. Using charcoal or wood? Try arranging them in a way that creates a high flame on one side, a medium flame and a low flame. Start grilling larger items on the low-flame side and finish with the high flame to create a flavorful crust (or vice versa if you’re not a fan of charred edges). Master this technique and you can officially tout yourself as a true Grill Master.

We cook because we need to, but we grill because we want to.

Enough said. Would you like to perfect your cooking skills even further? Join our cooking classes.

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Photography by Vincent De Vries